Agent Yoru

Valorant Agent Yoru

Agent Yoru's Skills and Abilities


Cost: 100 credits - 2 charges


EQUIP an echo that mimics footsteps when activated FIRE to activate and send the echo forward ALT FIRE to place an echo in place USE the inactive echo to send it forward.


Cost: 200 credits - 2 charges


EQUIP tp rip an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. FIRE to throw the fragment, activating a flash that winds up once it collides with a hard surface in world.


Cost: Free once per round - Refreshed on 2 kills


EQUIP to harness a rift tether FIRE to send the tether out moving forward ALT FIRE to place a tether in place ACTIVATE to teleport to the tether's location.

Dimensional Drift

Cost: 7 ulti points


EQUIP a mask that can see between dimensions FIRE to drift into Yoru's dimension, unable to be affected or seen by enemies from the outside.

Agent Yoru Agent Contract

Chapter 1

Tier 1 - 20000 XP

Tier 2 - 30000 XP

Tier 3 - 40000 XP

Player Title
player title image

Tier 4 - 50000 XP

Tier 5 - 60000 XP

Agent Unlock
player title image

Chapter 2

Tier 6 - 75000 XP

Tier 7 - 100000 XP

Tier 8 - 125000 XP

Player Title
player title image

Tier 9 - 150000 XP

Tier 10 - 175000 XP