Breeze Map

Valorant Breeze Map Guide

Valorant Breeze Map Guide

Breeze is one of the seven maps currently featuring in Valorant and was the 6th to be released overall. It’s set on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and has major tropical paradise vibes.

Breeze Map Layout and Callouts

Breeze is a very open map compared to the other ones in Valorant, with two large sites on either side and a big middle area that players can cross through. Let’s talk a bit more in-depth about the different areas of the map.

A Site

A site is quite open, with two large pyramids in the center surrounded by shallow water, which is the planting area. There’s also a large orange shipping container near Defender Side Spawn that gives defenders some cover when pushing up.

B Site

The B site features a large pillar in the center with the spike planting area. There’s a back area that provides a lot of cover from all angles, as well as a wall near Defender Side Spawn that you can take advantage of as a defender.

Special Features – Ropes, Chute and Door

Breeze has a few different dynamic features, including ropes, a mechanical door, as well as a one-way chute. They’re all in and around A Hall (or tube, as many players call it), and both attackers and defenders can take advantage of them in different situations.

The ropes can be used silently, allowing for undetected flanking opportunities. The chute can be used to drop into Mid when needed quickly. The mechanical door can open up a new way to enter A site. 

Breeze Map General Tips

Next, we’ve got some general tips for playing on Breeze:

  • Always have someone watching your flank. Because Breeze is so big, it’s relatively easy for enemies to circle around the map and catch you off guard before you know it. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have someone – or something, like an alarm bot or turret – watching flank.
  • Be careful when interacting with the dynamic map elements. The ropes, chute, and door all make noise when used, revealing your location to the enemy. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use them ever, just be aware that nearby enemies will be able to hear you.
  • Smoke off angles. Breeze is a huge map with lots of lines of sight to be wary of, so smokes are more important than ever for playing around the map safely. If you’re not smoking off angles when pushing onto the site, for example, you’re going to have a really hard time surviving.

Now, let’s move on to talking about the best ways to attack and defend the two sites.

Attacking A Site

A Site has a lot of angles to worry about, so when pushing on, you’re going to want to make use of your initiator agents to clear everything out. Additionally, smokes will come in handy, so make sure to use them on A Bridge and A Switch. 

Using a Viper wall across the two pyramids can also be a massive help in getting you onto the site and planting the spike safely.

Defending A Site

Defending A Site can be tricky, especially if the enemy has a Viper, so it’s best to stay near the back of the site and play for a retake if you can. Using utility on the A Cave entrance to try and slow down your enemy’s push can also be very useful and gives your teammates time to rotate and back you up.

If you want to be a bit riskier, you can also hold the close angle outside the A Cave entrance with a shotgun and hope to get a pick or two.

Attacking B Site

For B Site, you’ll generally want to smoke off B Tunnel and Defender Side Arches and clear out B Back as quickly as you can. Once you’ve managed to secure the site, it’s best to then plant the spike just behind the crate on site, as you’ll then be able to hold angles on the bomb from both B Back and B Window.

Defending B Site

B site can again be tricky to defend, so it’s best to play a bit further back and use utility to slow down the enemy push through B Main. You can also hold the B Main angle with a sniper from either B Wall or from behind the pillar on site.

One other thing to mention is that enemies will often push through B elbow, so it’s a good idea to have someone positioned in Mid Nest to keep an eye out.

Map Changes Since Release

To close out our Valorant Breeze map guide, let’s talk about some of the changes Riot has introduced to the map throughout its lifespan.

  • v4.0 patch – Breeze has only ever had one major update, and that was during the v4.0 patch. Lots of areas were changed, which are outlined below.
  • First, the A Main entrance into A Site was changed, making it easier to clear left and right without having to make a 50/50 guess as to an enemy’s location. Credit: Riot Games
  • Inside A Cave, a stack of crates was added to provide additional cover for players attempting to push through and onto A Site. Credit: Riot Games
  • On A Site itself, a couple of changes were made. Firstly, a large shipping container was added in place of three crates to give players more cover to work with. And secondly, the site planting area was extended up to the far wall to give players some more planting options. Credit: Riot Games
  • A slight change was made to the curved wall in Mid. Credit: Riot Games
  • A lot of changes were made to B Site to provide extra cover and make the space more comfortable to play in. Crates were added next to B Wall to block the line of sight from B Main to Defender Side Arches, a box was added next to the pillar on site to provide cover for planters, and the B Back wall was extended further around the site. Credit: Riot Games