The Range Map

Valorant The Range Map

Valorant Range Guide

The Range is a practice map in Valorant, where players can try out different agents, weapons, and abilities. The map is not part of the standard map rotation and can only be accessed by clicking the “Practice” option on the main menu.

There are a handful of tasks for players to participate in the Range.

The Range Map Layout

The Range is quite a small map, but it has a few different areas where Valorant players can train and improve various skills.

Shooting test area

There’s a test zone in the main section of the shooting test area where you can practice your shooting skills across three different difficulties. For each test, bots will spawn one after another, and it’s up to you to react fast enough and kill each one before the next appears. Thirty bots appear in total, and depending on the difficulty, they will appear/disappear at different speeds.

Just next to the main area, there’s also a place where you can test your recoil and spray control. There’s a target that you can move up to 50 meters away, and it will show you exactly where your bullets are going each time you shoot/spray.

Lastly, there’s an outdoor area full of floating targets. Here, you can practice your aim and spray control freely. Many pros like to use this area to warm up before their matches.

Spike Planting & Defusing Area

The spike planting/defusing area can be accessed directly from the main menu or via the teleporter in the shooting test area. Here, you can practice planting and defusing the spike against bots. Like with the main shooting test area, you can also adjust the difficulty to suit your needs.

The spike defusing area is unique to the practice range, but the spike planting area is almost identical to the B site on Ascent, meaning you can easily translate some of what you learn here into real game scenarios.


The Range has a hidden parkour course that starts near the left wall of the main shooting test building and ends at the top of the nearby bell tower. Throughout the course, you can practice your strafe jumps and general parkour skills, which may very well come in handy during proper Valorant matches.

Oh, and if you’re struggling, try using Jett – she has unlimited updrafts in the Range, so you can cheese the course a bit with her if you need to.

Secret Rooms

Lastly, the Range has a few hidden rooms featuring objects that you can interact with to learn more about the Valorant lore. These rooms change every few patches, so be sure to explore the Range regularly if you’re curious to know more about the various agents and the overarching Valorant storyline.