A Big Surprise From Riot: Valorant Will Add 3 in 2023

A Big Surprise From Riot: Valorant Will Add 3 in 2023

The fun will reach its peak for Valorant, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular competitive FPS games in the world. Valorant developers have revealed that 3 new agents will be added to the game in 2023. Riot games know how to keep the lights flashing.

It would not be wrong to say that Valorant, which is completely free to play, owes its popularity to its constantly updated structure. The game continues to expand both the agent and the map pool with each new season.

John Goscicki, the head of Valorant’s character design team, shared his new season plans. This year, 3 new agents are waiting for us.

Goscicki stated that this process is very long because they have to think about the future of the game as much as today’s balance. And he ends the video with ‘Vos Vemos’ which is a Spanish way to say Goodbye or See you around so this could be a hint that our new agent will be from a Spanish-speaking country.

“As always, we need to maintain a good balance of roles and game styles. But as we’ve added a lot more agents to the game, we don’t necessarily need to have a perfect one-to-one balance across all of the roles. Soon agent 22 will be joining the fight, new ways to check corners, get on to locations, plant the spike.”

This will be the game’s first agent since Valorant debuted Harbor, a controller, in October 2022. The addition of three new Valorant agents will undoubtedly help to keep things interesting and maybe shake up the competitive scene meta over the year.

Valorant began with 10 agents before introducing Reyna as the first new character to enter the fray. Since then, 10 more have been added, and we now know that the popular first-person shooter will have 24 by the end of the year owing to the impending new Valorant agents.

Here are the first sights of one of our new agents.

Image of the
New Agent
Beard papi
New Agent

In the scene above our agent is making a phone call with Brimstone and is chilling on the ground drinking a purple boba tea. In addition, the weird claw-like things next to the boba box caught our attention. We don’t have any clues about the agent’s class or abilities yet. However, we know that the new agent.

Incoming information says that one of our new Valorant agents preparing to appear this year will be a Sentinel, and another will be an Initiator. However, the role of our third agent is still unknown. Exciting right?