How to Unlock Agents in Valorant?

How to Unlock Agents in Valorant?

Players in Valorant play the game as an agent, and each agent in Valorant comes equipped with special abilities that can impact the game. Choosing an agent to play can depend on personal preference, team composition, or what is available to players to choose from since not all agents are unlocked when players start the game. In this guide, you will learn the necessary essentials on how to unlock agents in Valorant.

Does the game come with any agents unlocked?

Valorant has five agents that come unlocked at the start of the game. These agents are Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova. New players can choose any of these five agents when playing modes of the game in order to level up and earn XP. These agents allow the players to try each type of agent: Controller, Duelist, Sentinel, and Initiator. 

How are new agents unlocked?

Once new players have unlocked their two free agents, they can choose which agent they would like to unlock next. Navigating to the Agent tab from the home screen, players can select and read about each agent, and there is a button to view and activate that agent’s contract. Agents are unlocked by activating the agent contract.

Are any agents free to unlock? 

In addition to the five agents that come unlocked, new players are given a contract that is completed through earning levels. At Level 5 and again at Level 10, players can choose a free agent to unlock. When unlocking these free agents, players bypass the first page of the contract and are given the agent and all other items from the first page. 

How do Agent Contracts work?

Each Valorant agent’s contract has two pages, and each page has an XP cost. The first page of each contract actually has the agent as the final item, and it costs 250,000 XP to finish the first page of the contract. Finishing the second page of the contract is 900,000 XP. For the agents that come unlocked in the game, there are still two pages of the contract, the but agent slot has been replaced with another item. 

If a player wishes to swap contracts, they can easily do so by simply activating a different agent’s contract. The game will save progress through the current unlocked item in that agent contract. Many players choose to unlock each contract through the first page, thus unlocking all of the available agents, before finishing out a complete contract through the second page. 

Are there rewards for unlocking agents?

Each page of the contract has 5 items that unlock as players earn XP. These range from player cards themed for each agent, titles that players can equip to their cards, gun buddies, sprays, and the agent themselves. A final reward for finishing out the second page of an agent contract is a pistol skin, themed to that specific agent. 

Is there a way to unlock agents faster?

If players are too impatient to unlock agent contracts with XP, the contracts can be purchased with 1000 VP (Valorant Points), the Valorant currency. At the time of writing, it costs about $10 in USD to purchase the VP to unlock the first page of an agent contract, which contains a variety of rewards such as player cards, titles, and the agent. 

Another way to unlock agents faster is to take advantage of XP boosts, such as weekly and daily missions. Players that purchase the current Battle Pass will also enjoy a 3% XP boost on all XP earned through playing the game.

Ranking up and earning levels and XP in Valorant means a player can unlock and play different types of agents, all while earning other rewards to use in-game. As Valorant adds new agents, players can easily swap contracts to earn the new agent quickly or simply purchase the new agent with VP if they are eager to try the new agent.

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