Is Valorant Boosting Worth It?

Is Valorant Boosting Worth It?

In the competitive realm of ranked Valorant, the journey to the highest ranks can be a challenging task.

There are several annoying aspects of playing in low elo, such as unskilled teammates who are often impossible to carry. That being said, Valorant boosting recently emerged as a method players use to effortlessly reach the highest ranks. We’re here to analyze the ins-and-outs of Valorant boosting and whether it’s worth your money.  

Price of Valorant boosting

Factors affecting boosting prices

To properly understand the price of boosting orders, it’s important to examine the key variables that determine the boost’s cost.

Order size

The size of the order is one of the main factors that determines a boost’s price, given that lengthier orders that take more of the booster’s time are naturally more expensive. 


The elo you want to boost your account to plays a large role when it comes to pricing, since high elo orders in Ascendant and Immortal are much more expensive than low elo orders.

That’s because high elo orders require top-notch boosters who are skilled enough to single handedly carry difficult games.

Current RR

The RR you currently have in your ranked division also impacts the price, as less RR requires more games for the booster to complete.

This means the booster needs more time to boost the account, thus increasing the price.

Boosting addons

Professional Valorant boosting websites offer their customers a variety of customization options that can enhance the boosting experience, but also potentially alter the price.

Some of the paid add-ons are:

  • duo boosting 
  • boost streaming
  • priority order
  • +1 win

It’s worth noting that boosting platforms commonly offer a variety of free customization options such as agent selection, booster selection, and VPN usage.

Understanding the pricing model

Before choosing a boost, it’s important to know which types of elo boosting are available on the market. That will give you a good perspective of which boosting option will provide you with the best value.

Division boosting price

Division boosting is the most popular version of Valorant elo boosting in which the booster simply reaches the rank you paid for.

Generally speaking, low elo orders cost significantly less than high elo orders, with low elo orders rarely reaching the 3-digit margin. This makes low elo boosting a very affordable option which is worth it if you’re stuck in elo hell and you’re itching to play in better ranks.

High elo orders are substantially more expensive than low elo orders since they’re naturally much harder to complete. 

That being said, given how competitive high elo Valorant is, elo boosting is worth it as it saves time you would otherwise spend grinding to the highest ranks.

Net win boosting price

Net win boosting, instead of division boosting, refers to boosting for a certain number of ranked wins.

This makes it much shorter for the booster to complete, making it much cheaper for you as a result. Net win boosting is certainly worth it given that it’s fairly cheap and can provide you with clutch wins when you desperately need to rank up.

Placement boosting price

Unlike the other boosting methods, this method can be only performed on accounts which don’t have an active rank, as the booster plays the first 5 placement matches on your account.

Placement boosting has several benefits as it gives you a solid platform to start your ranked climb, making it a stellar purchase.

Advantages of Valorant boosting

Rank increase

The main advantage of Valorant boosting is the fact that you can reach the rank you’ve always dreamed of being in.

Boosting services nowadays can boost you into virtually any rank on the ladder, including the highest ranks such as Immortal and Radiant.

Time efficiency

A great perk of boosting is the fact that you don’t have to spend any time ranking up your account or improving in Valorant in general.

You can reach any rank in Valorant, completely stress-free, while saving countless hours you would otherwise need to invest.

Improved ranked rewards

One of the main reasons why players tryhard ranked games is to gain access to the best gun buddies at the end of each ranked episode.

Elo boosting allows you to reach higher ranks which results in an improved gun buddy you get to permanently keep.

Skill increase

Even though you won’t be the one boosting the account, your skill can significantly improve by owning an elo boosted account in high elo.

This is because you get to play with top-tier players who play significantly better than the teammates you’re regularly used to.

On top of that, you can soak up the quality and good habits of the high elo players who you are playing with. 

Boosting vs coaching

Differences and advantages

Even though boosting is the easiest method of ranking up, coaching boasts several advantages for players who want to invest in their long-term ranked success.

Unlike boosting, coaching won’t directly increase your rank but you will improve your Valorant gameplay because of the coaches’ feedback and advice.

Depending on your long-term commitment to improve as a player and climb the ladder yourself, coaching may be the right option to help you elevate your gameplay.

Keep in mind that there are options to elo boost your account which involve your direct participation, such as duo boosting in which you actively boost your own Valorant account.