What is Valorant Smurfs? Everything About Smurfs in Valorant

What is Valorant Smurfs? Everything About Smurfs in Valorant

Playing ranked in Valorant can be a very tilting, unfun experience, especially if you’re losing because of underperforming teammates.

Regardless, most people requeue for another ranked game since playing ranked consistently is one of the best ways to improve and reach your dream rank.

However, there is a method that allows you to experience the game’s competitive aspect without jeopardizing the rank or the MMR of your main account.

What is smurfing in Valorant?

Smurfing is the process of playing on an alternate account with a lower rank than your main, with the aim of dominating opponents who are less skilled and ranked lower.

Generally speaking, smurfing is very common in Valorant and the majority of the player base owns and plays on multiple accounts.

Why do people smurf in Valorant?


There are plenty of reasons people smurf nowadays, but the main one is the ego boost you experience when you dominate inferior opposition.

Valorant and similar FPS games are the most fun when you’re able to outplay your opponents and carry your team to victory, which is a much easier task if you’re smurfing in lower elo.

Less pressure

Consistent participation in the game’s ranked ladder can be a tilting experience, especially if you’re a dedicated player who wants to grind and reach a specific rank.

Playing on a smurf account is a stress-free experience, allowing you to unwind from your main account’s ranked games by practising your aim against weaker players.
Ruined MMR

One of the main reasons people migrate to a smurf account is because of horrible MMR that’s not worth trying to salvage.

Instead of spending countless games trying to improve your MMR gains in Valorant, starting your ranked journey on a smurf account is often a much easier solution.

Playing ranked with friends

If you’re a high elo player, you have certainly experienced the issue of not being able to play with your friends because of the difference in your ranks.

Luckily, owning a smurf account is a method of avoiding this inconvenience, as you can use it whenever you want to play with your low elo friends.


There are several reasons players get permanently banned nowadays, ranging from using illegal third-party tools to just using slurs and inappropriate language in chat.

Regardless, the only option that allows you to keep playing the game if this happens is to start your Valorant journey anew on a fresh account.

How to get a smurf account in Valorant?

Purchase a smurf account
By far the easiest and most time-efficient way of obtaining a ranked-ready Valorant smurf account is by purchasing it from a professional smurf-selling platform.

The increase in popularity of smurfing in Valorant prompted the creation of dozens of professional websites, which is the safest and quickest method of buying a smurf account.

These platforms protect the safety of your information when purchasing and ensure that the account you receive won’t be stolen or hacked into in the future.

Can I get banned for smurfing in Valorant?

In theory, smurfing in Valorant is a bannable offense as it undermines the integrity of ranked matches, violating Riot’s Terms of Service.

However, in reality, buying a smurf account is completely safe as 99% of botted smurf accounts never get banned or restricted by Riot in any way.

Most established smurfing platforms provide warranties on botted accounts anyway, ensuring you’re not left empty-handed in the unlikely situation of a ban

However, there exists a completely secure alternative in the form of handleveled smurf accounts. These smurf accounts are manually levelled, ensuring they will never face the risk of being banned, unlike those using automated botting processes to reach level 20.

How much do smurf accounts cost?

Generally speaking, smurf accounts are relatively budget-friendly, only costing around 40$-50$ for the most basic ones that are level 20 and contain 2 agents.

Premium smurf accounts with active ranks are also available on certain platforms, but they come at a higher cost, sometimes requiring a three-digit fee depending on the rank.

What do these accounts contain?

Smurf accounts typically come with minimal features, prioritizing a fresh start and allowing users to build and invest in a new account from scratch.

For this reason, most smurf accounts are very basic in terms of what they provide you, offering access to a limited selection of agents.

Manually level up an account

If you’re hesitant to spend any money to obtain a smurf account, there is a 100% free alternative and it is to manually level a new Valorant account yourself.

Simply creating a new account and levelling up to level 20 will yield the same results as buying a brand-new one.

However, this method is not very popular as levelling your account to level 20 takes dozens of hours you could’ve spent grinding ranked games instead.