Riot announces the latest Valorant modes for a longterm

Riot announces the latest Valorant modes for a longterm

Riot Games announces the latest and newest Valorant modes. These modes also will stay longer than any other game modes in Valorant.

Valorant is a free-to-play, team-based, tactical first-person shooter game that was released in 2020. The game has gained immense popularity worldwide due to its unique blend of tactical gameplay, various agents with unique abilities, and immersive maps. The game has various modes, including the competitive mode, spike rush, escalation, and more.

Riot Confirms: One of the Newest and Most Popular Valorant Modes is Here to Stay

Recently, Riot Games confirmed that one of the newest and most popular modes of Valorant, the “Escalation” mode, is here to stay as a full-time game mode. This news has excited Valorant players worldwide, and many are curious to know what makes this mode so popular and why Riot Games has decided to keep it as a full-time game mode.

Swiftplay has completed its trial period, and will now be a full-time permanent game mode when Patch 6.03 is released, according to gameplay product manager Coleman Palm in an announcement posted to the official Valorant channel:

“Starting with Patch 6.03, we’re going to be officially ending the Swiftplay beta period. Because from here on out. We are actually just going to keep it on.” You can watch the video below!

Coleman Palm, on the other hand, noted that just because Riot was “removing the beta designation” from Swiftplay mode doesn’t imply the mode would never change. Coleman Palm assured that the Valorant team will “continue to explore for possibilities to improve the mode,” and that further information would be included in the Patch 6.03 notes.

Swiftplay debuted in beta with the release of Patch 5.12 in early December 2022, amid large, meta-altering adjustments to more than half of the agents in the game. That’s also including the significant Chamber nerfs. Swiftplay was a simplified version of unrated, with players competing in a best-of-nine format.

In Swiftplay, players begin each half with two ultimate points, and both teams begin each of the four rounds each half with a constant number of credits, with the exception of the team winning the pistol round, which receives an extra 600 credits.

Swiftplay also provides a more speedy experience than unrated or competitive. But lacks Spike Rush’s predefined weaponry and random orb pickups. The new full-time mode is also an excellent choice for those who just want to complete their daily and weekly assignments.

Swiftplay is a spike (Plant/Defuse) best-of-nine mode. It follows much of the same regulations as Unrated, but with the following modifications to account for its shorter duration:

  • Each player begins each half with two points for their ultimate goal.
  • There are no credit incentives for losing streaks.
  • With the exception of round 2, credits awarded based on round outcome have modified values and are the same for both teams.

Here is the table of Swiftplay Rounds to Credits below!

Round in the halfCredits
1800 points
2+2400 points
+600 points bonus if a team won the previous round
3+4250 points
4+4250 points
Endgame5000 points

You can watch the teaser video below!