Upcoming Valorant Altitude Skin Collection and Release Date

Upcoming Valorant Altitude Skin Collection and Release Date

The Altitude collection, a brand-new skin line for the game, has been formally unveiled by Valorant. The bundle is expected to include a wide range of unique weaponry while adopting a somewhat unique approach to cosmetic themes.

Every weapon in the Altitude series is modeled after an airplane, choosing to focus on the aviation theme. Valorous Agents are seen seated in a cockpit that is linked to the top of the guns in Riot’s official image. Upcoming Valorant altitude skin collection details are below. Get ready to fly!

Which Weopans Will Be Upgraded In the Altitude Skin Collection?

According to the official image posted by Riot Games, the Altitude collection will feature a total of five weapon skins. The weapons included are as follows:

  1. Altitude Odin
  2. Altitude Vandal
  3. Altitude Melee
  4. Altitude Sheriff
  5. Altitude Bucky

In addition to skins, Riot bundles a range of other cosmetic items. Skin sets frequently include titles, player cards, sprays, gun mates, and gun pals. Players will probably be able to purchase the cosmetics separately once the bundle launches.

When Does Valorant’s Altitude Collection Release?

As Riot previously stated on Twitter, the Altitude skin range will be available for sale on March 29. This indicates that the bundle will be available to players in just two days.

How Much Will The Altitude Collection Cost?

Aside from the appearance of the collection, including weapons, Riot Games has not revealed any other information about the bundle. However, the weapon skins feature a unique aviation design that suggests a weapon is an aircraft unit, so it’s safe to assume that the skin line will include at least minor animations.

Each weapon design has its own aviation characteristics, so the bundle could fall under the Premium His edition. This means the pack could cost him 7,000 Valorant Points, but players will receive the official price in a matter of days. We are all excited about the upcoming Valorant Altitude Skin Collection.