Author: Esref

Here are 13 updates from Valorant Patch 6.06

The major release of the new Act in Valorant’s most recent patch brought about a number of improvements, but nothing as significant as in earlier updates except for Gekko lovers. Here are the 13 Updates Of Valorant Patch 6.06. The upcoming update should further balance these after Riot recently changed a few agents and address […]

Most Savage Knife Skins in Valorant

Valorant skins can significantly enhance the visual experience without giving your agents no competitive advantage. There are several things that set them apart from the typical weapons and tactical knife, including animations and kill effects. That’s why we like to present Most Savage Knife Skins In Valorant 2023. It should come as no surprise that […]

The Early VALORANT 6.06 Patch Notes

The middle of the major second act of VALORANT Episode Six is approaching, and with it, the very center of the current VALORANT episode. Gamers are becoming more and more accustomed to Lotus’ three-site map design, and Gekko has recently gained popularity. Here are the early VALORANT 6.06 patch notes.