5 Best Maps For Gekko In Valorant

5 Best Maps For Gekko In Valorant

Valorant’s 22nd agent Gekko and his beautiful pets can support their team in more ways than one. The agent has unique skills which can be used to obtain intelligence, blink opponents, and detain opponents. Here are the 5 best maps for Gekko

He differs from other initiator agents in that he can employ his skills again after recovering them. Dizzy and Wingman can thus be utilized numerous times in a single round, providing teams with a ton of flexibility.

Gekko is a good initiator who will blend in with any agent attack team. He can throw his skills into the location to clear corners and pressure defenders back. Once the site is secured, he can collect his skills and use them again when the defenders reorganize and try to reclaim.

He’s more difficult to function on defense because his skills will be harder to pick up against attacking players. You can learn more about Gekko’s story and his skills here.

Best Maps For Gekko In Valorant

1. Lotus


Lotus is a big map with three sites, yet each has a few small, tricky spots that suit itself well to Gekko’s skills. An important advantage on this map is that wingman can be employed to plant the spike.Mosh, Dizzy, Wingman, and his ultimate Thrash will be able to clear hiding attackers defending the planted spike.

His ultimate Thrash can dispatch any defenders of the planted spike who are concealed. Besides, His abilities can stun or blind attackers which gives advantages for his teammates.

2. Fracture


With its many little tunnels and tight corners, Fracture is the ideal map for Gekko to throw his abilities and collect them.

Throw Dizzy up into the air through smokes to blind your opponents as they rush towards the B site from B main. If you throw Dizzy around Generator or Canteen, you should be able to reclaim them if the attackers don’t obtain possession of the B site.

Since B Arcade is situated on the defender’s side of the map, the similar can be done there. Since  A main and A dish is difficult to hold in general, you should wait for the attackers move to the A site.

Dizzy, Wingman, and Mosh might be used to prevent their attempts to seize the location. Then, if the attackers choose to rotate or become stranded in A main, simply pick up your skills once more.

3. Split


Compared to Fracture, Split features more choke spots and confined spaces. Gekko is a perfect initiator on the map because of this.

Dizzy and Wingman are exceptional at getting around tight corners. Your team might avoid coming across a Judge, a deadly automatic shotgun that specializes in Split, by using the two skills.

If you take cover or ask for smoke, regaining your defensive skills should be simple. You should be fine as long as you don’t dump it into the A main, mid, or B garage.

4. Ascent


One of Valorant’s most evenly matched maps is Ascent. It has lots of open skies, wide sightlines, and small hallways. Gekko excels the most in this situation. He can locate his opponents by using his ability to launch Dizzy into the air.

This works since Ascent has a lot of open spaces, which enables him to gather information without taking many risks. His skills may also push adversaries back, clear corners, and imprison them.

5. Icebox


Valorant’s Icebox is a special map with a lot of vertical movement capacity. Gekko shines on this map as well as others. He can throw Dizzy high while still holding the A site in order to spot enemies on the A belt, A pipes, and the captured space where the ultimate orb is located.

He may get information thanks to this talent without endangering his life. Additionally, he can quickly retrieve them and use his abilities to halt attackers from pressing into a generator or a maze.

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