The 5 Best VALORANT Agents Pair for Gekko

The 5 Best VALORANT Agents Pair for Gekko

Act 2 of Episode 6 of Valorant is finally available. The most awaited bundle, Oni 2.0, was released along with the introduction of the new Agent, Gekko, as well as a brand-new Battle Pass. We wanted to give you an idea about the 5 best pair Agents for Gekko.

Learn How To Combine His Skills With Other Agents’ Abilities

Gekko is a significant boost to Valorant’s most recent performance. He is the game’s sixth initiator and the 21st agent altogether. His skills are among the most distinctive in Valorant, which makes the game’s future extremely thrilling. Additionally, Gekko is the only character in the game who can pick up his skills after using them, except for the Mosh Pit.

After the leaks, Gekko was first introduced to VCT LOCK//IN during the first ever VCT show match by the captains of both teams, Tarik and FRTTT. Later, he was played by streamers and content creators since they had early access. After the Act eventually became available, players obtained him.

Now every team and player trying to learn how to use his skills better and more efficiently. As Valorantinfo, we wanted to show you how to pair agent Gekko with other agents.

Here are the 5 best pair Agents for Gekko:

Astra (or another smoker)

Naturally, the majority of compositions on every map require a smoker, but the fact that Gekko can gather up the globule for Dizzy, Wingman, and Thrash and use the ability again after a remarkably brief cooldown underscores how crucial smoke cover is. A team can maximize Gekko’s space-clearing abilities by covering him while he essentially receives a free recharge of his abilities.

The reason we are recommending Astra is simply to attach her Gravity Well star with Gekko’s Mosh Pit.


Gekko is an aggressive Initiator, as was already stated, and thanks to his skills, his comrades will be able to enter the site more quickly. Jett’s moves can be very helpful in situations like these.

He can expose and blind the adversary from the attacking side by using his special move, Dizzy. Then, Jett can take advantage of the chance to kill that opponent to facilitate entry.

A comparable strategy might be effective on Valorant’s defensive side of the field as well. This could be particularly helpful if Jett chooses to use the Operator aggressively and aims to get away with multiple kills.


Skye, as opposed to the other two Agent selections, is intended to increase Gekko’s influence. This team can cause a lot of damage with their abilities on attacking maps like Haven and Lotus, clearing the way for the Duelists to quickly take down numerous enemies.

For instance, in the offensive half, Skye can use her Guiding Light to further blind the opponent after Gekko uses Dizzy to expose and blind them.

After killing their blinded enemies, other partners can safely play post-plant and quickly clear the area. The Seekers and Thrash, the two Agents’ final powers, could be extremely useful when combined.


Breach, like Skye, will aid in maximizing the effect of Gekko’s abilities. The latter Agent’s abilities can be used in a variety of situations just because of its Fault Line. His Flashpoint can also be used on the revealed enemy on the field.

Additionally, Gekko and Breach work incredibly well together in post-plant circumstances. While Gekko’s Mosh Pit can also be very helpful, Breach can use his Aftershock to push enemies away from the defuse.


It is the fact that she can’t make a lot of space for her team the way Jett or Neon can. But this is where Gekko can come into play.

He could do it for Reyna because she isn’t the greatest at making opportunities for herself. Her players will be able to have fun and concentrate on scoring numerous kills as a result. She was, ironically, Gekko’s first encounter with a Valorant agent according to the scene in the cinematic reveal film for him.