Best VALORANT Stats Trackers for 2023

Best VALORANT Stats Trackers for 2023

Review your match history in greater detail with round-based analytics. Find out the best Valorant stats Trackers in 2023.

Are you working on keeping track of your victories and defeats in Valorant? Need to analyze a new agent’s performance? These are the top Valorant stat trackers to utilize, so you’re covered.

The Best 3 VALORANT Stats Trackers

There are a variety of Valorant stat tracking programs to choose from, and each offers a different approach to reviewing your performance and enhancing your gaming abilities.

With in-depth performance statistics and game analysis, stat trackers give players a competitive advantage over their opponents, whether it’s determining which map you’re weakest on or gauging how well you succeed as Sova vs Viper.

A good stat tracker is essential for anyone attempting to stay on top of the meta as Riot Games keeps changing the rules and adding new Agents to the game. The top Valorant stat trackers for 2023 are listed below.

In 2023, Valtracker will still be among the most effective Valorant stat trackers, and with regular upgrades and new features, it will also continue to be among the best-supported.

With a medal system that rates your success in many areas, you’ll obtain an in-game breakdown of each squad and its best players. You can review your games between rounds or after the match by keeping track of accuracy, movement, and even headshots.

Moreover, Valtracker provides you with updates on non-game material, such as your battle pass and agent unlock standing. You can even make a personalized skin wishlist, and the program will notify you when any of the things on it go on sale at the store.

Valtracker is an obvious choice for anyone trying to rank up as swiftly and elegantly as possible because it has a ton of adjustable features and a gorgeous appearance.

Tracker Network
Tracker Network is your best option if you’re searching for something more informal and don’t want to install software as intense as Valtracker. Although there is a PC download available, the online browser version of Valorant provides a lot more flexibility and can help players who aren’t as competitive get up the rankings. is the best option for beginner players who are still picking up the nuances because it includes built-in guidelines to assist you with crosshair placement, lineups, and gun economy.

It also regularly updates its leaderboards and news bulletin, giving you an easy way to keep track of your favorite pro players and the esports scene.

With a huge selection of carefully selected videos that range in level from “easy” to “pro,” is your shop for guidance and tips. There is no better place to learn for Valorant players who have mastered the fundamentals but want to advance their expertise of a particular agent.

With a focus on creating a sense of immersion, employs in-game overlays to provide you with regular information about what’s happening in the game, such as how recently your teammates have been doing.

It also maintains a map and agent tier list that are frequently updated, providing players with more context for the current game.

The tracker known as is another fantastic online resource for collecting information on statistics for Valorant, Call of Duty Warzone, Pubg, and more multiplayer games.

Anybody can benefit from using because it is so user-friendly. You can track your progress in your favorite games by just logging in with your Twitch account. You can also invite pals so that you can compare numbers and determine who is the game’s true champion.

While playing these games, allows players to view their kills, deaths, and other relevant data. The user can also impart this knowledge to others in order to enhance gameplay. Any competitive gamer trying to better their game and gain an advantage over the competition will find this to be a great tool.

How To Utilize Stat Trackers

The majority of stat trackers collect data from your Riot account, which is then assembled into the metrics on your browser. Both and’s browser-based versions will function with this.

The downloaded versions of many stat trackers, however, tend to be much more effective and support in-game content. To do this, go to the tracker’s website, click “download,” and then adhere to the on-screen directions.

A tracker might be put through extra software, like Overwolf. The tracker must also have this software installed in order to function. We hope this article will help you to find out best stats trackers for Valorant 2023.