The Early VALORANT 6.06 Patch Notes

The Early VALORANT 6.06 Patch Notes

The middle of the major second act of VALORANT Episode Six is approaching, and with it, the very center of the current VALORANT episode. Gamers are becoming more and more accustomed to Lotus’ three-site map design, and Gekko has recently gained popularity. Here are the early VALORANT 6.06 patch notes.

The most recent patch, 6.05, gave Gekko a lot of attention, particularly through fixes and improvements that enhanced Wingman plant/defuse targeting, improved a few audio and VFX features, and fixed a ton of problems. Also, the latest update improved performance and corrected a number of social problems.

Even though the previous patch wasn’t the most significant, it changed a lot more than what Patch 6.06 will. Although the improvements in VALORANT Patch 6.06 are not expected to be numerous or very significant, some of them will enhance the game’s experience.

What’s Updating In VALORANT Patch 6.06?

Lotus has updated its door destruction effects to make them more visible.

Lotus Map Valorant

The three-site map structure and revolving doors on Lotus are the map’s distinguishing features, but it’s also important to note that there is a breakable door between A Main and A Link. Players who break down the door are unable to immediately see if someone is on the other side since the door is accompanied by a white cloud of dusk that blocks eyesight. The door should be “easier to see through” in Patch 6.06 when it is being destroyed.

Yoru Fakeout To Fall Through The Surface Has Been Fixed.

Yoru Valorant

Yoru’s Fakeout ability is having serious problems due to a new bug in Valorant episode 6. The Valorant community has posted about how the new defect is hurting entire lobbies when playing matches online. Sending the Yoru clone out would be pointless if it were to simply fall through the map. Yoru’s Fakeout “would fall through the surface as it is shot in mid-air,” according to a problem that Riot is currently resolving.

Valorant Patch 6.06 Release Date

Patch 6.06 should be available for testing on live servers on March 28 because Valorant patches normally release every two weeks. This also implies that before there are any changes made to the game, users still have a week to check out Gekko and all the bug fixes in Patch 6.05.