Valorant Practice Game Mode

Valorant Practice Game Mode

Whether you’re new to Valorant and looking to get started or want to brush up on your skills, the Valorant Practice game modes are available for everyone. This entire section of the game is dedicated to helping you become the best player you can be, so why not take advantage of it? From aim training to spike planting practice, every you could want is here, and it’s available 24/7.

If you’re keen to know more about the Practice game modes, then be sure to stick around, as we’re going to go over everything you need to know right here. Let’s jump straight into talking about the first mode – Shooting Test.

Shooting test

Shooting Test is one of the three Valorant practice game modes, and as you may have guessed, it’s all about shooting and improving your aim. It takes place on a practice map called the Range, and every gun in the game is available to use.

The main test in the Shooting Test mode is the speed test, which involves bots spawning in for a short amount of time that you have to kill quickly. 30 bots spawn in total, one after another, and you get one point for each kill you get. 

The score you get doesn’t really matter, but it’s good to make a mental note and keep track so you can work on improving. Three-speed levels are available too, so if you’re finding things easy, consider going up a level.

Next, you’ve got the streak test, which lets you see how quickly you can kill 50 or 100 bots in a row. The bots don’t despawn like in the speed test, so you can take as long as you need. You can also give armor to the bots if you want to and choose whether you want them to be stationary or strafing.

Lastly, there’s a simple practice mode, where a bunch of bots spawn in that you can practice shooting freely.

Though not strictly part of the Shooting Test, there’s also a section of the map nearby worth talking about. Here, there’s a giant target that you can use to identify spray patterns of different weapons and practice recoil control. You can even adjust the distance of the target to practice more long-range shots.

Next, let’s go over the Spike Planting mode.

Spike planting

Spike Planting is a Valorant practice game mode designed to give you a feel for what it would be like trying to take control of a bombsite and plant the spike in a real game of Valorant. There will be bots on the bombsite that you’ll have to kill before you can plant the spike, and you’ll have to defend it afterward too. 

It’s a great practice mode that even has three different difficulty levels, so definitely be sure to give it a go if you’re looking to get some spike planting practice. Additionally, it’s cool to note that the training grounds here are laid out exactly like the B bombsite of Ascent, so some of what you learn here will be transferrable to real game scenarios.

Finally, let’s go on to talk about Spike Defuse, which is the final Valorant practice game mode available.

Spike defuse

Much like Spike Planting, Spike Defuse aims to give you a feel for what it would be like to try to retake a bombsite and defuse the spike in a real game scenario. There’ll be enemies hiding around corners that you’ll need to defeat, and you’ll have to do it relatively fast as the spike will detonate if you’re not careful.

There are three different difficulty levels here that you can choose from, as was the case above, so be sure to challenge yourself and try a harder level if you’re finding things too easy.

Valorant Practice game mode FAQs

To finish up, let’s go over a few questions commonly asked about Valorant’s practice game modes.

Can I try out new agents in the practice modes?

Yes! You can try out all of the agents, even the ones you haven’t unlocked yet.

Is there anything else to do in the Range?

Aside from the various shooting tests, there’s plenty of space to test out agent abilities to get a feel for them. There’s also a hidden parkour track that you can try out if you’re interested in practicing some jumps and strafes.

Can I play the practice modes with friends?

No, unfortunately not. You can only play the practice modes solo.

Wrapping up Valorant Practice Game Mode

That concludes our overview of the Valorant practice game modes! Whether you’re new to Valorant or not, these modes offer a lot of ways to improve your skills in the game, so we’d highly recommend giving them a go if you can find the time. The Shooting Test is especially good, and always worth doing before you hop into a proper game.

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