Valorant Raze Guide: How to Play with Agent Raze?

Valorant Raze Guide: How to Play with Agent Raze?

Prepare to bring the boom with the Valorant Raze guide filled with the best tips and tricks. Let’s dive into the explosive world of Raze and find out all about the fiery duelist.

Raze is all about creating chaos and leaving a trail of annihilation in her wake. She is also one of the most popular agents in the game. Considered the most OP character in Valorant, most players are curious about the best map to play as Raze alongside her strong and weak aspects.

Valorant Raze Guide

Raze boasts a solid arsenal of explosives and high-octane abilities. Thanks to the massive amount of damage she can deal, she is the first choice of thousands in Valorant. Let’s break down her abilities to see what the master of explosives is all about.

Raze Abilities

Blast Pack: Blast Pack is Raze’s bread-and-butter ability. It is simply an explosive that can be detonated remotely. It is highly effective in both dealing damage to enemies and giving Raze a broader vision of the battlefield. That’s because the Blast Pack allows Raze to propel herself into the air.

The Valorant community calls it air strafing. Thanks to the Blast Pack it is possible to increase your movement speed as well. Mastering this ability is key to maximizing Raze’s potential in Valorant.

Paint Shells: Paint Shells is the agent’s signature ability. And it launches a cluster grenade that explodes into smaller ones upon touching the ground. Similar to Boom Bot, it is perfect to flush enemies out of covers and tight spots. As it can deal area-of-effect damage, Paint Shells is a critical ability that you need to master.

Boom Bot: Raze deploys a mini robot that constantly scans for enemies. Upon detecting a fore in its line of sight, the Boom Bot starts following the enemy until it explodes.

The Boom Bot does not only allow Raze to scout ahead but also reveals the enemy’s location. Boom Bot is a great ability that can also force enemies to change their cover, rendering them vulnerable.

Showstopper: You should brace yourself for the big guns as Raze’s ultimate ability allows her to equip a massive rocket launcher.

The highly aggressive agent’s rocket launcher obliterates anything in its path. It also deals near-lethal damage and boasts a wide blast radius. The best tip for Raze’s ultimate ability would be to use it in team fights.

It is also extremely useful to break through entrenched defenses or eliminate grouped-up enemies.

How to play Raze? (Tips and Tricks)

Our Valorant Raze guide will provide you with a list of tips and tricks to play Raze.

As she excels at solid area-of-effect damage, players should focus on being very mobile to come up with precise attacks.

Mobility: Raze’s Blast Pack ability is an incredibly useful accelerator. While rushing to the Spike area, you can “single satchel” or “double satchel” to increase your speed. These two terms mean how long you’ll propel yourself forward using the ability.

Naturally, using the ability to increase your speed is no easy task. You’ll have to invest some time to master air strafing with Raze using the ability. That’s why it might be smart to watch a few Valorant Raze guides to use the Blast Pack. You can also use your satchels to dodge the enemy firepower.

Opening Fragger: Raze is a great agent to initiate team fights. Thanks to her explosive abilities, she is one of the best agents to get the opening kill as well. As well as starting team fights, she can also wreak havoc at Spike sites. Use her skills to flush enemies out of tight spots that cover the Spike area. This will allow your teammates to reposition and plant or defuse the Spike.

Valorant Raze in the Attacking Team

Here are some key takeaways if you are going to play as Raze in the attacking team.

  • Always keep your Paint Shells ability hot. Never wait to use them.
  • Always send in your Boom Bot before entering the Spike area. This is one of the most crucial tips in our Valorant Raze guide.
  • Raze is relatively more mobile than most other agents in the game. But don’t get too brave with it and stick with your teammates.
  • Use your teammate’s smokes or flashes before going wild. Valorant Raze abilities go perfectly with smokes and flashes.
  • Keep in mind that accurately hitting an enemy with your all Paint Shells can deal a maximum of 90 damage. So it won’t be possible to completely drain the enemy HP with the Paint Shells.
  • Be mindful of the delay that follows the grenade throw. If you are planning to dive into the team fight after sending a grenade, find a safe position first.
  • Use Paint Shells to confuse enemies. It is a great ability to manipulate the enemy into guessing your location.
  • Do not trust the Boom Bot’s ability to deal its massive damage. Instead of using it as another weapon, utilize it as a decoy. While the enemy guns for it, you can take them down.
  • A precise hit with the Showstopper means a guaranteed kill. Keep in mind that the damage it deals is around 20-160+.

Valorant Raze in the Defending Team

Raze is a vital asset for defending teams in Valorant. Thanks to her disruptive abilities, it can slow down the attacking enemies by keeping the lanes busy. She can also inform her teammates about the location of the enemy by using Boom Bot and Paint Shells.

  • Her Showstopper is also useful to get some early kills in tight spots. Raze’s Black Past ability can also grant her a broader vision of the areas that the enemies are pushing.
  • Raze is a Duelist agent. This makes her an active agent. Even though you are on the defending team, make sure you are actively participating in the team fights.
  • While the agent has an explosive arsenal, she lacks abilities that block enemy vision. That’s why it is best to ask for smokes and flashes from the teammates.
  • As Raze, you should try to delay the enemy pushes and make sure your teammates have enough time to repel their efforts.
  • Always send your Boom Bot in advance to detect a potential enemy push from the attacking lane.
  • It is smart to send your Boom Bot alongside a teammate. That way the enemy will try to focus on two targets at once.
  • Try to use the Blast Packs to reach new heights. This will allow you to see the corridors and tight spots.

Raze’s weaknesses

While she boasts a powerful arsenal that burst out lethal damage, Raze lacks the skillset that can give her teammates direct support. She also doesn’t have vision-obscuring abilities. These don’t allow Raze to be an aggressive flanker.

She also can’t provide direct support for her team in a defensive playstyle. That’s why the player who picks this agent must find the perfect balance. And for many, finding that middle ground can be difficult.

There is no doubt that Valorant Raze abilities are great for mobility and area-of-effect damage. But they also make the agent quite vulnerable due to their slow animation time. The most vulnerable state of Raze appears when she tries to use her Blast Packs.

Best Maps to Play Raze in Valorant

What are the best Valorant maps to play as Raze? Here are the best battlefields that allow the players to unleash the Brazilian duelist’s full potential.

Bind: Bind is known for its narrow corridors and strategic chokepoints. That’s why it is a great map for Raze to use her explosive abilities. Her Blast Packs and Boom Bot abilities transform into great tools to flush enemies from those areas.

Moreover, these narrow corridors are great to track down enemies and take them down in tight areas. Using her Blast Packs, Raze can catch her enemies off-guard and get some early kills.

Ascent: Ascent is a great map for expansive team fights that put a focus on mid-control. That’s why it is crucial to have Raze in both attacking and defending teams. With her great abilities that deal with area damage, the agent can allow her teammates to grasp control of the map.

best valorant maps

Split: Split’s diversity and verticality in layout allow Raze to use her Blast Pack ability to the fullest. The map offers ample opportunities both for high mobility and strategic position-taking. It is simply one of the best maps for Raze in Valorant.


In conclusion, Raze is an explosive force to be reckoned with in Valorant. Her arsenal of abilities, including Blast Pack, Paint Shells, Boom Bot, and Showstopper allows her to create chaos and deal massive damage.

As we can understand from this Valorant Raze guide, she can be a vital asset to any team when it comes to delaying the enemy pushes and disrupting their strategies.

By mastering her mobility and timing, you can surprise opponents, initiate team fights, and secure opening kills.