Why Valorant is Great for Beginners

Why Valorant is Great for Beginners

The online gaming industry is booming at the moment; new games are being created every day
and the number of gamers logging in is only set to continue increasing dramatically over the
next few years, which is why Valorant has become such a popular game.

What is the reason Valorant is great for beginners?

If you’ve only recently started to find yourself on the online gaming bandwagon, it can be
intimidating to be faced with so many different styles of games. Are you the type of person who
enjoys a First-Person Shooter Game (FPS) like Valorant, or a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
(MOBA) game? Whatever your preference, Valorant is a great game for beginners to get the
hang of it, here’s why.

1. You can use the skills you learn in other online games

Although Valorant may seem like a fun shooter game, if you want to rank highly you need to
think about everything strategically. Online casino games are extremely popular at the moment
and help players to build on a lot of skills that can be transferable to Valorant. When you’re
sitting at a virtual poker table or trying your luck on online slots, you’re learning a lot about strategy, risk vs. reward, and how to hold your never, which will serve you well when playing

However, it’s important to remember that in Valorant, you’re playing as part of a team so it’s
important to work together and beat your opponents, so you can’t adopt an ‘every many for
himself’ mentality if you want to get ahead like you would when playing in an online casino.

2. The premise of the game is easy to understand

Valorant is a first-person shooter game that became popular back in 2020 because of its
cutting-edge graphics and the fun agents that you can become within the game. The premise of
the game is that you’re part of a set of ‘agents’ who are either attacking or defending against an
opposing team.

Where you play is completely up to you, we’d recommend exploring as there are so many maps
that you can use for each match, here are some of the maps that you can choose to play,
ranked from best to worst. Each map has a very different feel and requires a different approach
to be taken if you want to emerge as the winning team, so after a few games we’re sure you’ll
find your favorite.

Like many other first-person shooter games, your shooting skills and teamwork skills are going
to be the most important. But, once you get the hang of the game, it’s easy to play and fun to
explore, which makes it a good option for anyone new to the gaming world.

3. You can choose agents that match your abilities

In Valorant, you’ll be choosing an agent that you’ll play as during the game. Each agent has
their own set of abilities and skills that make them unique. You can choose the agent you want
based on your own skill level, and the abilities that you think will be important when you come
face-to-face with your opponents.

Some agents are more suited to beginner players, for example, Killjoy, KAY/O, Omen, and
Reyna are normally recommended for people who are just starting out with the game. All of
these agents come with straightforward kits that you’ll easily be able to get the hang of and take
your team to victory with.

When it comes to making your decision, you should consider the three types of abilities each
agent has. They will each have one signature ability and one ultimate ability that will make them
different from the rest, and then you have the extra throwables which you can purchase at the
start of every round.

4. It’s a team game

When you’re playing Valorant, you’re never going to be left to your own devices as you’ll have a
whole team of other agents pushing you on. This is great for beginners who still don’t fully
understand how the games work as they can learn from more experienced players.
Team games, in general, are ideal for newcomers to the gaming world. You’ll learn plenty of
important skills that will help you rank in Valorant, or use in other online games you may end up

Whether you’re leading your team to victory, or taking orders from another leader, you can learn
a lot about teamwork in Valorant. Remember, no one likes to be criticized every time they make
a move, and equally don’t like a backseat gamer who doesn’t make any contribution to the
team, so learning what role you like to take is an important skill to learn early on in your gaming

Now you know why Valorant is such a good game for beginners, it’s time to start playing!