Best Valorant Agent Tier List for Patch 7.0

Best Valorant Agent Tier List for Patch 7.0

What are the best Valorant agents for patch 7.0? Here’s our Valorant agent tier list to get you through the new episode of Riot’s hit FPS.

Riot’s hit competitive FPS dives into a new patch as we explore the best agents for Valorant-ranked play. What is the current meta and how to use it best to climb to the top at Valorant? Let’s dive in and create the best tier list from the 21 Valorant agents.

There is no doubt that Valorant is a fast-paced game with ever-changing tides. That’s why it can be difficult to keep track of the current meta. As the team at Riot constantly makes balance adjustments, you might find yourself trying out even the least popular agents to get a win.

Valorant Agent tier list: What are the best agents?

Here are the top agents to play in Valorant during the current meta in update 7.0.

  • S-Tier: Gekko, Cypher, Fade, Astra
  • A-Tier: Killjoy, Omen, Yoru, Brimstone, Sova, Skye, Viper, Reyna
  • B-Tier: Jett, Deadlock, Breach, Chamber, Sage, Neon, Harbor
  • C-Tier: Kay/o, Raze
  • D-Tier: Phoenix

Valorant S-Tier Agents for Ranked Play

These agents are the best ones to play in Valorant’s current meta. Although he received a few nerfs in the previous patches, Gekko is still a solid agent to play in patch 7.0.


This solid Initiator successfully preserves his spot in the S-tier agents list. Thanks to his Mosh Pit ability, the Initiator can change the tides of the battle with fast attacks. Moreover, he is still very fast when using his abilities repetitively.

Despite the nerfs, Gekko remains a top agent as he often depends on his Wingman ability. Gekko especially shines when paired with Jett and Skye.


For many reasons, the Sentinel-class agent claims a spot on our Valorant S-tier agents list. Starting off with his handy gadgets, Cypher has the potential to be a game changer on many occasions.

He is integral to revealing the enemy’s location, allowing his team to get better control of the map. At the same time, he can also come up with defensive strategies thanks to his abilities, like Trapwire and Cypher Cage.

For those who want to find the sweet spot between offense and defense, you can’t go wrong with Cypher in Valorant-ranked play.


The Turkish headhunter continues to show off her skills with the most recent updates. Added to the game back in patch 4.08, Fade is an easy pick when we list Valorant’s S-Tier agents.

Since its arrival, Fade successfully replaced other Initiators thanks to her helpful abilities. Make no mistake; she might be the best agent in her class as she quickly returned Sova.

The S-tier agent shows her true potential during the late game thanks to her ultimate, Nightfall. This lethal ability can change the game’s tide by impairing the enemy’s vision for 12 seconds.

Her Seize, and Terror Trail abilities are also great when hunting enemy agents individually. Thanks to all of this and more, Fade is one of the best Valorant agents in this tier list for patch 7.0


Those who have been playing Valorant since its debut would understand how much we needed an agent like Astra.

She is a definite game-changer with her overpowered abilities that introduce a new dimension to team fights. Her versatile skillset puts her in a different spot.

With her abilities like Gravity Well and Nova Pulse, she can easily change the balance of the battlefield. But when it comes to her Cosmic Divide, we can understand why Astra is a must-pick in larger maps.

Indeed, you may have a difficult time getting used to her gameplay style. But Astra remains a solid agent in the best Valorant tier list in patch 7.0

Here’s your guide on the best Valorant agents to play in Ep 7 Act 1. It is safe to say that everything may change in future updates. That’s because the developer Riot Games likes to stir the pot and spice things up.

The agents you see in lower tiers can climb up the ladder quickly. That’s why trying out other agents across different maps might be wise. But we also suggest you use the Valorant S-tier agents list in ranked matches.