Best Valorant Maps for Reyna for Patch 7.0 (2023)

Best Valorant Maps for Reyna for Patch 7.0 (2023)

What are the best maps for Reyna in Valorant patch 7.0t? Here are the best arenas to make the most of this fierce duelist.

Reyna depends on her abilities and has a pretty self-dependent gameplay style. As one of the most popular agents in the game, she can fit herself into virtually any Valorant map. But of course, some maps allow her to excel more than others.

Now, let’s dive into the best Valorant maps for Reyna in Valorant. We also listed the ones you should avoid when playing as the beloved duelist.

What are the best Valorant maps for Reyna?

The Mexican duelist is the best agent in Duelist agent. Thanks to her aggressive playstyle she can hold off angles and can create strategic spaces for her team.

She is the first to dive into the frontlines and can secure early kills in the match. With the Dismiss ability, she can also reposition herself quite easily. And the maps below are the best to play as Reyna in Valorant.

1. Icebox

Icebox has many playspaces that favor offensive playstyle. The formula of getting a fast kill and activating Dismiss should give you the upper edge on this map.

Moreover, thanks to her self-centric abilities, Reyna thrives in clustered and crowded areas. Icebox’s A Site shows how Reyna can revel between covers by getting fast kills and using Dismiss. Just rinse and repeat!

2. Bind

Bind is also another excellent map for Reyna in Valorant. Thanks to its narrow corridors and tight spaces, it transforms the agent into an infiltrator. With more stealth-focused gameplay, you can get the best of this agent.

As we all know, Reyna requires kills to unleash her potential through her abilities truly. Three out of four of her abilities require a kill. That’s why Reyna needs to prioritize kills instead of gaining map control.

That’s where Bind’s narrow play spaces allow her to reach her true potential. Knowing that she is the most stable agent in her class, Reyna is a solid pick for Bind.

3. Ascent

Ascent is another solid map for Reyna due to factors like tight chokepoints and defender-sided layout. The map forces players to show their accurate skills in close-range encounters, which favor Reyna’s abilities.

These tight areas allow Reyna to use Leer and blind her enemies, and secure kills. The defender-favoring map also provides crucial covers for Reyna to excel in bomb sites. You can quickly get control of the map by positioning in strategic covers and isolating opponents.

4. Haven

Haven comes with wide open spaces and three bomb sites that offer Reyna to become even more aggressive. Her abilities work nearly successfully at every bombsite, allowing her quickly rotate around the map while evading enemy fire.

Thanks to the map’s extensive spaces, Reyna can reposition quickly and surprise their opponents with Leer. As we mentioned earlier, she is an agent of self-centric abilities. As she won’t need her teammates as much as they need her, Haven is one of the best maps for Reyna in Valorant.

Worst Maps for Reyna in Valorant

Reyna might not be a jack-of-all-trades when we talk about her kill-dependent abilities. But she can gain the upper hand on nearly every map in Valorant. That being said, there are still some maps you can avoid picking her.

Here are some of the worst maps for Reyna.

1. Fractured

Even though Reyna has a self-dependent playstyle, she tends to lose map control in maps like Fracture favors the attacker’s side. She might be a lone wolf occasionally, but her ability set can render her quite vulnerable in larger areas.

It is also worth noting that the Fracture is a map with an extraordinary layout. The scattered approach in this map could work for other agents. But as a duelist, Reyna thrives in narrow corridors thanks to her Dismiss ability.

Dismiss grants her the advantage to escape from dangerous situations and reposition quickly. That’s why you should avoid picking Reyna in Fractured as it doesn’t allow the duelist to gain new positions.

2. Breeze

It is safe to say that Reyna is a meta pick as she can bring some solid kills in nearly every map. But maps like Breeze make it more difficult for her to reach her true potential.

That’s because the map’s extended sightlines limit Reyna’s ability to secure more kills. As her kit solely depends on getting kills, it can be difficult for Reyna to gain the upper hand against her opponents.

Moreover, the lack of narrow chokepoints and tight corridors can also restrict Reyna. She can’t use her abilities if she can’t get close-range kills. That’s why Breeze is one of the worst maps to pick Reyna.

3. Split

Split might not be the worst map for Reyna in Valorant. But it partially limits her from making the best use of her abilities. That’s because the map’s layout doesn’t allow Reyna to utilize Leer.

That’s why Reyna can be less impactful on this vertically-oriented map. Despite boasting tight spaces and strategic chokepoints, it can be a bit more challenging to master Reyna in the corridors of Split.

Here are the best and the worst maps for Reyna in Valorant in patch 7.0. You can also try to master Reyna and her abilities in other maps to develop your own playstyle. The agent’s skillset allows you to get creative and produce new game plans.