IGNITE Melee – Valorant China Melee Weapon | All You Need to Know

IGNITE Melee – Valorant China Melee Weapon | All You Need to Know

The Valorant China launch has been met with mixed reactions from the global Valorant community. While the Chinese version of the game was highly praised for its iconic launch, the new features that came with it were made exclusive to new regional players only.

As such, this disappointed the existing Valorant community, who had been asking for these features for a long time, such as the in-built record-play functionality and the detailed weapon analytics guide.
However, the “most provoking” exclusive feature was the Valorant China melee weapon which caused the majority uproar. It is a fan-shaped melee skin that, when equipped, looks drop-dead gorgeous with its unique animations and effects.

But before we dive into the matter, let us address an even more critical issue.

Valorant China Melee Weapon – What is the Official Name?

Many players call the Valorant China melee weapon different names, such as Fire Capsule, Ignite Fan, Fire Blade, Katana Melee, Kitana Blade, Ignite Capsule, etc. And this is causing a lot of confusion.
Basically, these names are all either based on the appearance of the melee weapon or are simply the translation of the Chinese title of the skin.

The official name of the melee skin, however, is IGNITE Melee.

IGNITE Melee – Exclusive or Non-Exclusive?

Before the Valorant China launch on 12th July 2023, Riot Games had planned to make the Valorant China melee skin exclusive to Chinese players only, serving as compensation to them since the hero-shooter game arrived three years late in the region.

However, making this skin exclusive caused an unexpected large-scale social-media uproar as many dedicated Valorant players openly expressed frustration.

Valorant players are constantly searching for limited-time, scarce cosmetic items, even if they come at a high cost. Besides serving as a status symbol, these exclusive items are considered highly valuable in the community and can significantly enhance the worth of an account.

Therefore, fearing to earn the anger of their player community, Riot Games decided to make the IGNITE melee non-exclusive!

On 11th July 2023, the developers made this skin available to all but for a limited time in a bundle. And in order to ensure the scarcity of the knife skin, Riot Games will not make the IGNITE melee available ever again to both the in-game Store as well as the Night Markets.

But don’t worry if you failed you get one. You can always buy the Valorant China melee weapon here!

The 2 Animations of the IGNITE Melee Skin

When the first gameplay footage of IGNITE melee was leaked by the Valorant Updates, the skin looked magnificently gorgeous in both its variants: the blazing red and the celestial violet. The former denotes a Level 1 upgrade for the base weapon, while the latter represents a Level 2 enhancement.

By default, the Valorant China melee weapon begins as a conventional knife lacking any animations or distinctive features. Upon the first upgrade, it transforms, adopting the shape of an oriental fan. This new form is accompanied by a captivating inspection animation and a unique effect that engulfs the weapon in flames. Furthermore, there exists an additional Level 2 upgrade, which alters the weapon’s color to violet while enveloping it in flames of a purple hue.

Valorant China Melee Skin “Final Confirmed” Price

Before the Valorant China launch, Kingdom Laboratories predicted the Valorant China melee weapon price and anticipated it to be at 4350 VP. However, when the knife bundle, the IGNITE Capsule, finally launched, the final cost was revealed to be 3,280 VP.

Our Final Thoughts

Despite all the controversy surrounding the IGNITE melee, one thing is sure. This Valorant China melee weapon skin is a sight to behold! The skin’s stunning animation alone is enough to attract most Valorant players.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us, and let us know in the comments below!