Best Valorant Skins Of All Time – Ranked

Best Valorant Skins Of All Time – Ranked

Here are the best Valorant skins ranked from worst to best. These stunning designs are the most sought-after cosmetics in the game.

Riot continues to dominate the competitive gaming landscape with its hit FPS game Valorant. With every new agent, the dynamics of the game change as well. So the game giant perfectly knows how to keep its players in the game.

And one of the most prominent methods is the best Valorant skins. These weapon designs add some spice to the game with flares and specific effects. But some of them look so great that they become quite popular. Let’s dive into those best skins in Valorant in the list below!

Best 12 Valorant Skins in 2023

Below is a list of the most popular weapon skins in the hit FPS. Don’t forget to check out this list where we rank the best Valorant maps from worst to best.

12. Spectrum Classic

Price: 2.675 VP

Spectrum Classic is one of the best Classic Valorant weapon skills. It arrays a lovely sound every time you shoot. Its bass-inspired shooting effect also makes it stand out among others.

The color shift of the weapon is also a winning feature. This highly popular Classic skin is simply one of the best.

11. Magepunk Vandal

Price: 1.775 VP

Magepunk Vandal is one of the best Valorant skins. It literally turns into a musical instrument when you start shooting. In fact, you can even find players producing ASMR video clips using Magepunk Vandal.

The magical effects in the weapon’s structure are visually appealing as well. The overall design of the skin probably draws inspiration from Bilgewater aesthetics. Which is a fictional location in another incredibly successful Riot Games title, League of Legends.

10. Araxys Vandal

Price: 2.175 VP

Looking like it jumped out of League of Legends, Araxys is a great skin collection that delivers. But it truly shines when it comes to Vandal. That’s because it feels as if the gun itself is alive.

The shooting VFX of Araxys Vandal is another reason why this is one of the best Valorant weapon skins. The sound effect comes with an echo that adds another layer to the shooting experience.

Araxys Vandal is, of course, an Exclusive Tier weapon skin that comes with various color variants. It is possible to upgrade the skin to level 4 and unlock new colors like purple, silver, and black. Moreover, the upgrade also introduces a new sound effect alongside a new finishing animation.

9. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Operator

Price: 1.775 VP

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Operator or G.U.N. for short, is a wonderful weapon skin for Operator. The skin is part of the collection that arrived in the 1.09 patch.

The weapon skins in these collections feel like using a weapon from the far future. Especially the Operator looks just perfect with its retrofuturistic tone. The turquoise tones of the skin also draws inspiration from old sci-fi movies. In fact, it actually looks like a weapon that you would see in a Fallout game. 

8. Prime Vandal

Price: 1.775 VP

Prime Vandal is another highly popular weapon skin in Valorant. As part of the Prime collection, the skin received a positive reaction from the community as soon as it arrived. Its sleek design makes it one of the most sought-after Vandal weapon skins in Valorant.

The skin itself has a quite royal feel to it. The matte colors also make it look more elegant. In addition to its contrasting colors, the weapon also has a vibrant glow that just looks great. Naturally, it comes with great finishing animations and solid SFX as well.

Even though it has been nearly three years since its debut, Prime Collection still continues to be a hit for Valorant players. Its punchy shooting effect and wolf-themed finisher are still the best.

7. Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost

Price: 1.775 VP

This Premium Tier weapon skin boasts a magnificent design. Its name comes from the titan Gaia in Greek mythology. She represents earth, trees, and nature, which is why the weapon skin looks like it is made of branches.

The earthy look especially looks wonderful on Ghost. With the weapon’s suppressor, the skin really shows its true face. Moreover, its upgraded versions have come with brilliant finishers. The weapon spawns a massive tree from the enemy’s body.

6. RGX 11Z Pro Blade

Price: 4.350 VP

One of the most detailed and decorated knife skins in the game is RGX 11Z Pro Blade. This slick knife comes with brilliant animations that will make other players jealous.

It also has vibrant animations like constant color-shifting. The skin also looks like it is a special weapon of a deadly assassin. Thanks to its stealthy design and slick lightning, you’ll love every second of using this best Valorant skin.

The only thing that you might want to steer clear of from this knife would be its price. It costs a whopping 4.350 VP.

5. Ruination Knife

Price: 4.350 VP

This outrageously cool weapon skin is one of the most popular skins in Valorant. It is an outstanding skin that comes with three variants. These would be Purple, Red, and Green. The animation of this weapon skin feels very smooth as well. Looks like Riot did a really good job transferring the League of LEgends vibes to Valorant with this one. 

Ruination Knife is actually based on a character in the universe of League of Legends. It is also known as the Blade of the Ruined King, which belongs to the champion Viego.

4. Elderflame Frenzy

Price: 2.475 VP

Elderflame Frenzy is one of the best weapon skins in Valorant. This dragon-themed skin transforms the gun into something extremely mythical. The firing and reloading animation is also amazing.

While Frenzy is not a popular weapon, this stunning skin is one of the reasons why we still go with it. Sometimes you want to see it in action. Believe us, you’ll also think it is one of the best Valorant skins in the game.

3. Reaver 2.0 Odin

Price: 1.775 VP

Reaver 2.0 Odin has one of the best reloading animations in the game. The weapon skin itself is simply stunning thanks to its dark purple tones and smoky design.

The weapon skin makes Odin look as if it is an alien relic. It also arrays an evil aura and adds a new thrill to the gameplay.

But clearly, the best feature of Reaver 2.0 Odin is its brilliant reload animation. The Agent summons bullets out of nowhere as Odin quickly vacuums the bullets in the air. It is simply amazing!

2. Glitchpop Vandal

Price: 2.175 VP

Glitchpop Collection is one of the most colorful and vibrant skin bundles in the game. But the rockstar of the collection is definitely Glitchpop Vandal. Thanks to the weapon’s wide structure, it is possible to see the real shine of the Glitchpop collection.

Its unique and vivid design makes it a fan favorite as well. Released back in 2021, this shiny and playful weapon skin costs only 1.775 VP.

Despite being rather old skin, it is still a hit among the Valorant players. That’s why you can bump into players showing off with a Glitchpop Vandal.

1. Oni Phantom – Best Valorant Weapon Skin

Price: 1.775 VP

A great majority of Valorant’s players argue that Oni Phantom is simply the best skin in Valorant. Considering the skin’s incredible design and animations, they have every right to call this the ultimate weapon skin.

Oni Phantom arrived in Valorant as part of the 1.04 patch. As one of the most sought-after weapon skins in the game. It comes with a masterful design inspired by the Japanese folklore.

Oni is a type of demon or another type of beast that we often encounter in Japanese mythology. And Oni Collection offers a wonderful job of representing that theme.

But it really shows its true might on Oni Phantom. The weapon skin comes with a brilliant reloading animation effect and has an Oni mask just below the sights. It also has extra animation and an SFX that triggers after getting an ace.

Well, these are the best Valorant skins in the game. But do keep in mind that this list is highly subjective. At the end of the day, you should go with a weapon skin according to your taste. While we chose Oni Phantom as the star of this list, feel free to share your personal favorites in the comment section below.