5 Tips for Aiming Better in Valorant Guide

5 Tips for Aiming Better in Valorant Guide

As a tactical first-person shooter game, aiming is one of the crucial skills required to succeed in Valorant. With its fast-paced action and intense gunplay, it can be challenging to hit your shots accurately. However, by following these 5 tips, players can improve their aiming and become more deadly with each trigger pull. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these tips will help you increase your accuracy and aim like a pro.

Tips that will boost your headshot skills…

1- Customize Your Crosshair And Create Your Profiles

Finding the best crosshair is crucial in the shooting game. Killers kill. To do that you want to know what aiming style works best for you. Volarant gives you an opportunity to create different customizations with a wide variety of options and save them up to ten different crosshair profiles. Try and find the best combinations of crosshair that works for you. This will help you to create a gaming style and create awareness of your performance. You can select and use different profiles according to the map that you will be battling. 

Crosshair Settings

2- Learn How To Control Recoil

Working on recoil control is especially crucial as it’ll allow you to fire a quick succession of bullets wherever your crosshair is placed on. Recoil in Valorant does not use a fixed pattern or a totally random one. It is a mix of the two. However, you can monitor the movement of your crosshair after single and multiple fires. Try the weapons and improve your movement skills according to their recoil behaviors. You can also take a look at weapon statistics here.

3- Deathmatch Mode For Practice

Deathmatch mode is perfect for practice. With no specific goal, it allows you to create your own goals and targets and practice with no pressure. However, when you do use Deathmatch, be sure to focus on your need to improve. You will also get familiar with your opponent’s movements and tactics by playing with different types of players. Maybe your sensitivity needs work, or your accuracy needs to be practiced, or you are moving too slowly. You will also adapt to different maps and strategies such as using ults at the right time.

Valorant Deathmatch

4- Use Aim Training Apps

Apps like KovaaK 2.0 and Aim Lab will significantly improve your aiming skills in Volarant. While you can adjust difficulty for different tasks and keep track of your performance, using these tools will carry you from beginner to pro much quicker. You can use Aim Lab for free however Kovaak will charge you some fees depending on your country. Training for 15 to 30 minutes to finish taxing your nervous system. The best time to exercise will be right before you head to bed.

5- Eat, Sleep, Game, And Repeat

You have might hear about the Rule of 10.000 hours. Valorant might not be your superior passion in life but you get the point. Putting in some effort is always key to success but you should let these restless efforts develop an antipathy for the game. We are here to enjoy and play. Don’t spend hours and hours without any break. You’ll come back with stronger energy and a greater perspective on how to improve your gameplay after breaks.