Valorant Deathmatch Game Mode

Valorant Deathmatch Game Mode

Valorant Deathmatch, one of many different game modes, is the most fast-paced one by far. Here, you enter a free-for-all battlefield where players await around every corner, and it’s your goal to get as many kills as possible in the allocated time. Will you be able to get the most frags and secure that top spot on the leaderboard? You’ll have to jump into a game of your own and find out.

Now, let’s go over a few more Valorant Deathmatch game mode features.

Choose your weapon

The great thing about Deathmatch is that you can use whatever weapon you want and can freely change at any point during the game. Credits are unlimited, so if you decide you’ve had enough of one weapon and want to switch mid-game, then you can absolutely do that. The only things you can’t buy in Deathmatch are abilities, so you’re going to have to rely purely on your gunplay skills here.

The Vandal and Phantom are arguably the two best guns in the game, so you’ll see most players using those. Don’t let that influence your decision, though! If you want to practice using other weapons, then go for it; just know that you’ll be at a slight disadvantage against most players in terms of fire rate and damage output.

14 players

There are 14 players in every game of Deathmatch, which is significantly more than the 10 players you typically get in Unrated and Competitive. This means that action is extremely fast-paced, as you’re bound to run into someone within just a few seconds of respawning.

Also, there are currently 18 different playable agents in Valorant, meaning every player in a game of Deathmatch will have a unique appearance. It’s a cool little feature and means you can keep track of who you’re against and be satisfied with getting revenge kills on players that might’ve managed to get you earlier in the round.

Win conditions and experience points

The win conditions for Deathmatch are simple – you either have to be the first player to reach 40 kills, or you have to have the most kills after the 10-minute timer reaches zero. Kills are usually fast to get, so you’ll rarely ever see a game lasting more than 6-8 minutes.

Also, in terms of experience points, everyone receives a flat amount of 900XP per game that goes towards both the battle pass and agent contracts, with no additional XP awarded for 1st place. This takes away a lot of pressure and means you can just enjoy the game and practice your gunplay without having to worry too much about anything.

Valorant Deathmatch game mode FAQs

Just before we close out the article, let’s quickly go over some final few frequently asked questions about the Valorant Deathmatch game mode.

Does Deathmatch count towards missions?

No, playing Deathmatch does not count towards either daily or weekly missions in Valorant.

Are there unlimited respawns?

Yes, there are unlimited respawns in the Valorant Deathmatch game mode. Every time you die, you’ll only have to wait a few seconds before respawning.

Does Deathmatch take place on a specific map?

The map for each game of Deathmatch is chosen randomly, so you could be playing on any one of the 7 Valorant maps available: AscentBindBreezeFractureHavenIceboxSplitThe Range (practice area) is not included.


Deathmatch is a fantastic Valorant game mode for anyone looking to practice their gunplay or just get away from the standard Plant/Defuse-style games that Unrated and Competitive offer. We hope you’ve learned something new from this guide, and we wish you the best of luck out there in your games.

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