Top 5 Weapon Picks in Valorant

Top 5 Weapon Picks in Valorant

There are many weapons in Valorant and the purpose of each weapon is different. We listed the 5 best weapons in our article and shared general information about their use. Valorant is a very different game from other FPS games in terms of game structure and system. A player must have a different gameplay feel during their time in Valorant. One of the most important factors that will cause this is the agents and their abilities in Valorant. Players can choose various agents and use their special abilities. In this way, he can realize that different abilities will be more important in different play styles and on different maps. Agent choices are entirely up to your playstyle and are strategically important. When choosing an agent, you should evaluate it not only because you love it, but also according to your compatibility with the map you play and your team. There is also the choice of weapons involved. You should also choose your weapon choices within the framework of certain rules. We evaluated the best weapon selections accordingly and listed them for you.

Top 5 Weapons You Can Use in Valorant

We’ve noticed that many players have difficulty choosing weapons or are almost uninformed. In these weapon selections, most of the players choose randomly or according to their money due to inexperience. It is a wrong move to choose weapons randomly or directly according to your money. You should be careful about weapon choices, not deplete your economy and use it smart. We have listed the best weapons for you to choose from below.


The Phantom is one of the most popular weapons in Valorant, due to its average accuracy and rate of fire. It shows its effect in the use of Phantom during duels. You can easily kill your enemies before they kill you, thanks to its rapid shots and average hit rate.


The Guardian is one of the most useful weapons that you can choose in the game. The reason for this is that it has the damage and zoom feature applied per a single bullet. In this way, you can effectively poke or kill your enemies even from far distances. Thanks to the high damage rate with Guardian, you can get much more effective results by using fewer bullets on your enemies


The Vandal is one of the fastest rate of fire weapons in the game. Thanks to the rate of fire it offers, it has a damage rate above the medium level. This makes the Vandal a highly effective, deadly weapon. Headshots with Vandal are deadly for your enemies, in the same way, if you see someone using this weapon on the opposing team, be careful not to show your head. It is also a little difficult to control because it increases the recoil rate of the gun. That’s why you have to make your shots accurately one by one.


Judge is the most expensive pick in the shotgun category in the game. The damage rate is moderate as it uses normal dispersion shells, but a hit to the head does double the damage. In general, this weapon should be preferred when you are on the defensive side. One of the most effective weapons in closely defending the exit or entrance of a zone is the Judge weapon.


The Operator is one of the most preferred and most expensive weapons in Valorant. There’s a good reason why it’s one of the most popular guns, even though it’s the most expensive. This is because the weapon should be able to kill enemies with a single bullet. It is a highly effective weapon at long distances and in open areas. In addition, you can keep the entrance or exit of certain regions from a distance, and if necessary, you can quickly go to a different region in rotation.